Whittemore Product List

Harri Hoffmann Company manufactures a variety of products under the Whittemore label. To view all products scroll down. All Whittemore products are also avaible in private label.

For more information on any of these products, contact a sales representative at 414-276-6190.

Product Group Product Name View Details
Whitemore Heel and Shoe Enamel
Cadet Cadet Paste Polish
Cadet Cadet Instant De-Salter
Cadet Cadet Silicone Water Repellant
Dux Bak Dux Bak Leather Conditioner
Old Tanner Old Tanner Professional Liquid Polish
Whitemore Whitemore Saddle Soap
Cadet Cadet Heel & Sole Enamel
Bostonian Bostonian Shoe Dye
Whitemore Neatsfoot Oil Compound
Dux Bak Dux Bak Mink Oil
Whitemore Clean-All
Dux Bak Dux Bak Golf Grip Tack
Dux Bak Dux Bak Water Resistant Dressing
Dux Bak Dux-Bak Tennis Grip Tack
Dux Bak Dux-Bak Leather Conditioner
Dux Bak Dux Bak Water & Stain Canvas Protectant