Harri Hoffmann Company

For more than 50 years the Harri Hoffmann Company has manufactured high quality shoe polish and leather care products. Our first bottle of White Stain HOFFCO brand shoe polish was sold on April 6, 1951. Almost immediately afterwards customers realized the difference HOFFCO shoe polish made on the finish of their shoes and demand increased. Within a few years the number and variety of HOFFCO shoe care products grew greatly.

Fifty years and millions of bottles later, The Harri Hoffmann Company continues to manufacture shoe and leather care products both under its own brands as well as dozens of private label products including Harri Hoffmann Company trademarks Dux-Bak Leather, Cadet, Whittemore, Bostonian, Old-Tanner, and HOFFCO. New items are continually being developed oftentimes at the request of our loyal customers that have been working with our company for decades.

While the company has grown, our focus on providing end-users with the highest quality products has remained our top priority. Every week we receive letters from customers that have been buying our products for the past 5 decades.

The company is now run by Harri Hoffmann's daughter, Lorraine Hoffmann!